Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser is a small Land Cruiser for on earth 'and beyond'

Unfortunately, it remains a very cool concept car

Toyota's American design studio Calty (yes, this is a merger of California and Toyota) is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. You can see the designers' gift to the studio above: the fantastic Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept car. That's even better than a pair of happy socks or a set of specialty beers, most of which you can't drink.

According to Toyota, the Baby Lunar Cruiser is "built to tackle rugged terrain on Earth and beyond." For the time being, the BLC remains a concept in the virtual world. Despite the futuristic appearance, we clearly recognize the original FJ40 Land Cruiser. In the image below he is secretly peeking from a distance.

Also based on a real lunar vehicle

With this project, Calty wanted to create a mix between the classic off-roader and the Lunar Cruiser. This is Toyota's real lunar vehicle, which is being built for Japan's national space agency, JAXA.

The real Lunar Cruiser from Toyota| Photo: © Toyota

There are electric motors in the wheels and you control the moon car with joysticks instead of a steering wheel. There is also a large AR dashboard and the Toyota has airless tires. Because imagine the consequences of a blowout on the moon. Not the kind of party you want.