Too much pressure

Tokyo (Japan), April 20, 2016

The VW exhaust scandal is not a pure VW scandal. The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has today admitted to have used incorrect tyre pressures to beautiful consumption tests. The subject is less complex, as was the case with the Wolfsburg cheat software. To speak of a consumption-scandal, therefore probably makes sense.

625,000 vehicles affected

Four vehicle lines are affected by the Mitsubishi manipulations according to present knowledge. All four are small car known as Kei cars, which are sold only in Japan. In addition to the Mitsubishi eK wagon and eK space is also about two Nissan models called Dayz and Dayz Roox. These are related to Mitsubishi eK models and produced by Mitsubishi. As it turned out, the deviations were discovered by Nissan. All in all 625,000 vehicles are affected. The vast majority of which bears the Nissan logo. Meanwhile, all four models were withdrawn from the market.

Share price in freefall

Meanwhile, Tetsuro Aikawa, President of Mitsubishi Motors said: "the misconduct happened deliberately. It is clear that the distortion was committed to make the consumption figures look better. Why is still unclear." Aikawa, who wants to have known nothing about the manipulations, added: "I feel responsible." The impact on the share price of Mitsubishi is now disastrous. Within a day, he did not lose 15 percent, as much as for twelve years. (black & white)