To see them again

Detroit, July 2, 2014

There are stories that you may not believe at first: After 33 years, George Talley has recovered his stolen Corvette. And almost at the same place where she was at that time gemopst.

Without a Trace

Flashback: Talley, now 71 years old, parked his 1981 Chevrolet Corvette, built in 1979, in the Detroit Jefferson Avenue. When he returned, the sports car was gone. A hard blow to the man who Corvette fan, has moved to a neighbor drove the first generation in the 1950s. And so George consoled with three other Corvette models, the loss of his absolute favorite time.


Until recently he got a call from AAA, the U.S. counterpart to the ADAC. They told him that the stolen 33 years ago Corvette was found in Hattiesburg ( Mississippi ). And that does not rot on the scrap, but in the normal state of 47,000 miles, the equivalent of almost 76,000 km on the clock. George could pick up his treasure. Too bad that, according to Hattiesburg times just 1600 kilometers are from Detroit. But again, George was lucky: GM Vice President Mark Reuss learned of the wrong story and took care of the retrieval. Finally, the battered by mass recalls Group can use some positive PR well. And so George got his '79 Corvette solemnly handed over at GM headquarters. Reunions sometimes take a little longer . ( rh )