This is the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Stuttgart, 21. February 2018

Proud of Porsche, presented the most powerful serial car with a naturally aspirated engine. The new 911 GT3 RS at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. To see March 2018). With him, the Zuffenhausen-based company is to introduce the third GT-road car within twelve months – in this time period also, the 911 GT3 and the 911 GT2 RS will fall.

Four-liter Boxer engine with 520 HP

The Basis for the newcomer to the 911 GT3, which has been further sharpened. The RS Version of the 520 HP instead of 500 now, from the four-liter six-cylinder naturally aspirated boxer. The usable speeds up to incredible 9,000 rpm. In combination with the specially tuned seven-speed PDK, the GT3 RS accelerates in 3.2 seconds to 100 km/h. So he is again a little faster than the PDK Version of the GT3, with its 3.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 312 instead of 318 km/h, however, slightly smaller.

Suspension with improved precision

Suitable to the Motor, an extremely sporty suspension tuning. Ball joints on all the arms will offer an even higher precision than conventional elasto-kinematic bearings (i.e. rubber bearings). 20-inch lightweight wheels with newly developed sports of the Dimension 265/35 tires on the front axle, the agility and steering ability, 21 support-inch wheels with Tires in the size 325/30 on the rear axle of the traction.

Aerodynamics and interior, for Racing

The appearance of the weight-optimised, particularly wide-body with the typical rigid rear wing is determined by the aerodynamics. Also in the interior the racing atmosphere, so there are bucket seats made of Carbon, particularly lightweight door panels with storage net, and normally closed loops, a reduced absorption and a new lightweight rear cover.

Clubsport and the Weissach-package

For active motor sports a club sport package as for every current GT sports car from Porsche without a charge. It includes a roll bar, a hand fire extinguisher, seat belt pre-wired for a battery cutoff switch, and a six-point. For the particularly ambitious driver a Weissach was laced package. It includes additional Carbon components in the areas of chassis, interior and exterior, as well as optional magnesium wheels. In the lightest configuration, the weight of the 911 GT3 RS, this reduces to a total of 1,430 kilograms.

Fee: 40,000 Euro

The new 911 GT3 RS is now available for order. Market launch is mid-April, 2018, with prices starting at 195.137 Euro. The are about 40,000 Euro more than the PDK Version of the normal GT3 costs.(sl)