This is the new Mercedes-AMG G 63

Affalterbach, 13. February 2018

This is the Mercedes G-class, on the the Beautiful and the Rich of this world have been waiting for. And many others, apparently, because the predecessor of the AMG models were for about 50 percent of the sales responsible. Here he comes, the supposed new best-selling the G-classes of modern times. Say Hello to the not only easy mad G 63.

585 HP

Behind the kastigsten front of all time (and a kind of cowcatcher on the front) Box AMGs sitting well-known 4.0-Liter Biturbo V8. Thanks to a completely new platform with three gifts as a in the modern era arrived suspension of said eight-cylinder can now finally also in the way he wants to. And HOW HE WANTS to! 585 HP and 850 Newton metres of Power result in a tie, with the AMG GT R Through AMGs Speedshift-Neungangg-TCT-automatic hike of 40 percent to the front, with the remaining 60 percent to the rear. This means that the new G 63 is more tail-heavy. Whether he's drifting, still needs to be discussed. Who gets it just the same a little with the fear of our fullest understanding.

Violently hurtig

Speaking of fear: As you can imagine, this frosted construction trailer, very very fast. From 0-100 km/h he flies by in 4.5 seconds and 0.9 seconds faster than its predecessor (and 0.8 seconds faster than the completely bonkers G 65 Biturbo V12). All of the pitiful air, and flies towards him, stops him at 220 km/h. Choose the AMG Drivers Package and it is 240 stuff in there. How much this LED bescheinwerferte wall, chasing them through tubes, probably wants to know no one. However, the new G 63 in normal operation, in fact, something more economical. Also, thanks to cylinder deactivation (in the comfort mode between 1,000 and 3,500 trips) will decrease the fuel consumption of 13.2 liters in the cut. It is 13.6. Well ... it's better than nothing.

Suspension with AMG-Bonus

For adequate driving dynamics, so it can give in a motorized residential area, the AMG G-class chassis with independent suspension and double wishbones at the front and a live axle with Five-link suspension at the rear. In the G 63 all of this is complemented by the AMG Ride Control suspension with adaptive dampers that can be adjusted by the push of a button in three stages. Also: an AMG-specific steering, as well as Extra-lateral stabilizers on the front and rear axle. The frenzied cube should be so stringy clear, confidence-inspiring and less wankig through the corners of the pipes. And if at some point you have enough of high-speed highway orgies or serpentine Gaudi: off-road in the new G 63. Yes, even the wild AMG, G-block, three slip differential, low range gearing and 241 mm ground clearance. He also has three off-road riding modes (in addition to the five-minute programmes for the road).

What a performance

The mandatory appearance – and gentlemen, this is a performance – secure intakes thicker aprons with larger air, the inimitable side pipes, from which again the sound of hell escape is expected, up to 22-inch wheels, as well as a pan-American Grill, you could roast a mammoth. World premiere of the new Mercedes-AMG G 63 at the Geneva auto salon 2018 (8 has. to 18. March). The market launch takes place in June, 2018. The prices are not fixed yet, of the predecessor at a cost of about 145,000 euros. Whether there will be a new version of the Biturbo V12-powered G 65, is not yet out, it appears to be if this heroic monster, but rather doubtful. The more than 50 percent of the market share of ' 63 with this DNA for sure.(sw)