This is the most expensive Skoda ever

Munich, 30.May 2018

Admittedly, it's hard to stay humble when one is used to a certain level of success. But it is possible. Just imagine the following scenario: you have brought it to their territory, to fame and glory, someone is trying to kill you, but you are completely stayed on the ground. In which case ... Skoda has the perfect car for you.

The 136.000 Euro-Skoda

The Czech VW subsidiary (or better: your British annexe) has just unveiled a new variant of their Superb Combi. With a price of 118.688 pound, so about 136.000 Euro, he is most likely to be the most expensive Skoda ever. However, it is more extensive, which enables him to bullets, and even bombs to repel. The high-security vehicle is based on a Superb Combi with two-liter Diesel. One can only hope that its 190 HP are in a good mood. Finally, you want to move to Yes as quickly as possible leash to fly as soon as the rockets start.

Details remain under lock and key

Skoda says that the exact Details of the tag must remain under lock and key. We know, however, that the car met the English PAS-300 Standard. A bullet-proof glazing, as well as the reinforcement of the body material with high-strength steels and composite materials. So that your ultra-fit driver does not want the additional weight, the brakes also and the chassis reinforced. In addition, there are Run-Flat tires, running even more, if someone has hunted a hail of bullets in the rubber. Also important for the quick escape: blue light and siren. Also, of course, an Eight-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Board. For good entertainment during the attack.(sw)