This is the Ferrari FXX K Evo

Maranello (Italy), 30. October 2017

You would think that after such a LaFerrari could not happen to a lot of increase. Then, the spring is presented at the end of the horse the wild FXX K LaFerrari-based and again, the inclined sports car Fan, I thought, "what is to come because, please?" Well, say Hello to the new Ferrari FXX K Evo, of which the Italians claim that he will bring significant improvements compared to the FXX-K. In the first place is likely to mean the further significant increase in output.

23 percent more downforce

The Ferrari FXX K Evo offers 23 percent more Downforce than the FXX-K. compared To the LaFerrari it is 75 percent. To process everything a bit hard, is it? Therefore, by way of explanation: At 200 km/h additional 640 pounds press the FXX K Evo's in the ground. At maximum speed even 830 pounds. As a model for a cultural Evo, the devil is in the Detail. The FXX K Evo receives a fixed wing with "Twin profile", to work together with the active rear spoiler. The active rear spoiler is a revised control logic. The fixed wing is in turn equipped with a Pair of lateral fins and a large Central fin, which is intended to increase the stability at low yaw angles, and to support the Vortex-generators (for all Non-technicians: more Finns). These small particles arrange in a quasi the air before it hits the rear wing, especially the hot air flow from the vents on the hood.

Downforce as the GT3 racer

The air outlets on the rear wheel arches was also increased. And if that is optimized for the rear part of the car already so massive, it needs the front pass the course. Changes relate to the front bumper, the underbody, an additional inlet in front of the front wheels, as well as the Addition of several Flicks and Vortex generators. Also new: more efficient air inlets for the front brakes. According to Ferrari the FXX K Evo has become somewhat easier and should now provide Downforce values which are very close to those of a GT3 racing car.

V12 1,050 HP

The chassis of the FXX K Evo has adapted to Ferrari, according to the newly available output. Inside, there's a new steering Wheel and a 6.5 inch zoomed-in Screen that displays all the telemetry data. The Engine? The same to 1,050-HP V12 Monster, like in the FXX K. What to improve here? The FXX K Evo it will be in very limited numbers (Ferrari announced no exact number, but more than a handful, it should not be). An Upgrade Kit for FXX-K-owners is also offered. Like all XX cars: street-legal – fail indicator also applies in this case.

Predecessor costs 2.2 million euros

As usual, the FXX K Evo is only offered to the most loyal Ferrari customers. With the other XX cars, he is part of Ferrari's "Corse Clienti"program. This means that the vehicles are cared for by Ferrari the owners to fly over the year to various race tracks around the world, in particular driving events, which are organized by a separate Department of the manufacturer. A price for the FXX K Evo Ferrari is not called. The FXX-K was about 2.2 million euros.(sw)