This is the crazy AMG G-class from 1979

Affalterbach, 10. November 2017

At the auto show NAIAS in Detroit in early January 2018, will be presented the new Mercedes G-class. Yes really, a NEW G-class. The anticipation for many Fans is likely to be huge. Also, because of the mad AMG versions are to be expected. AMG and the G-class that was just in the recent past, an impressive and unforeseen success story. More than half of the currently sold G-classes bears the Logo from Affalterbach to the boxy rear. What is the least knowledge are likely to: Already in 1979, there was a G with AMG flavor. And what is the.

Show what you can

The AMG 280 GE 5.6 Sport originated during the first year of G-class production (at the time, with Stey-Daimler-Puch in Austria). To show probably, to what the to this time, still relatively young AMG Department. To put this car in the right context: It was the time, as AMG focused mainly on race cars, and individual pieces such as the 1974 300SL AMG focus.

300 HP and 200 km/h

At the time, worked at AMG very happy to V8 engines. Because it fits quite well into the picture that you took from the 5.6-Liter eight-cylinder from the S-class in the late 1970s, it was the second most powerful engine in the Mercedes-Portfolio – to plug him in the engine room of the first G-class. Almost 40 years ago 300 HP, 455 Newton meters and a top speed of 200 km/h must have even more exotic sound than the 630 HP, a Mercedes-AMG G 65 spits out nowadays.

Today is a bit dubious

And please let the gaudy interior or the arg dubious face of the car does not mislead. Despite the red leather trim, XXL-fenders, gold wheels or the infamous combination of güldenem W123 Grill and W116 headlights, this really was an authentic, officially the factory tuned Mercedes product. According to rumors, the AMG 280 GE was produced 5.6 Sport in very limited numbers for customers in the middle East. The AMG versions of the upcoming G-class are not subject to strict limits. You will receive a high probability of the well-known 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8, the series is doing in the other Mercedes up to 612 HP and 900 Newton meters.(sw)