The VW Bus Curry is here

Wolfsburg, 22 April 2015

At an elongated sausage rolls along with his bulging, delicious content the trainees now remembers the VW bus curry, along with the artist Erwin Wurm and the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg have put on the wheels. In less than four months was a plentiful finished vintage bus 1975 a wheeled stand sausage in mustard yellow.

Sale of the most successful VW product

The artwork is now on the square in front of the Wolfsburg Art Museum. Every day at lunch time the most successful VW product is sold there: the original Volkswagen Currywurst. The sausage offered since 1973 is not only offered in the Volkswagen canteens but also retailing in Lower Saxony. Are produced each year several million of them in the butcher VW 's own. 2014 there were over six million, slightly higher than VW cars ran off the line.

Unroadworthy T2b as a starting point

The vintage van that served as the starting point for the reconstruction, found ex-employees of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The no longer roadworthy T2b bus has been restored. Styrofoam blocks were responsible for the peculiar swelling, cropping parts like the typical round headlights moved the artwork back closer to the original. The former cargo space received a cooker, fryer and an extractor fan. Trainees from six professions pooled their skills. The Curry bus and the exhibition " Erwin Wurm. Spruce " are on display until 13 September 2015. The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg offers to events like a staged reading on 18 June 2015. The theme: " Myth Currywurst " . ( sl)