The Twins: Citroën Visa – Wuling LZW 7100

Today we employ our gaze back to China for a special automobile twins. It is so far: we're going to have about the Wuling LZW 7100.

As legendary as the 2CV or his own predecessor, Ami is the Citroën Visa, yet she also has this compact, a Frenchman, a large crowd of enthusiasts. In every corner cosy tilting five-door hatchbackje appeared in 1978 and disappeared in Europe in 1988 from the scene, after which the AX and the stick took over.

After the disappearance of the Visa as Citroen entered the Chinese Wuling in the picture. Wuling Automobile Company was made in 1988 came about from the merging of two other Chinese companies, and threw himself immediately on the purchase of all of the remnants that had to do with the Visa production. Allegedly had Citroën itself, remarkably enough, has nothing to do with the deal in the continuation of the Visa production resulted. Wuling would instead direct business have done with a Visa factory, and the story only juicier. In 1990, the Chinese have their purchased house in order and they went to start with the assembly of the car, the parts in crates from Europe to China were shipped. This included all parts, except the motor. It was Wuling to this area, his salvation, in Japan, to be precise, in Daihatsu. A 1.0 three-cylinder of that company was in the fore cabin, screwed and provided the reincarnated Visa of just 50 hp and a top speed of 130 km/h.

This created a car that strikingly many similarities with the C1, which, after all, also a Citroen with a Daihatsu-motor. Unfortunately, it was LZW 7100, which is also used as LZ110MC and LZ7100 (not) known, in the field of sales is an absolute opposite of his sibling. Annually, there were only a few dozen sold and then the plug in 1996 from the productieband was drawn, there were only 850 copies made.

Before this episode shut down, we still look for a time with a thankful gaze to Erik van Ingen Shenau, who as founder of the China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre, the designated person is to provide information about slightly obscure, unknown, four-wheel Chinese above the table. Without that information and the accompanying photos was the conclusion of this article is likely to be a tricky affair.