The Toyota FT-Se is the precursor to an electric Celica

How realistic is the idea of a new Celica?

Akio Toyoda is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors and a part-time driver. Last week the ex-Toyota boss dropped a small bomb. In an interview with Toyota Times, Toyoda talked about former rally driver Juha Kankkunen and his achievements in the Toyota Celica. “You can all think about why I use Kankkunen so much. Let's see if you can guess it.'

The new chairman, Koji Sato, gave a clearer hint. “I want to breathe new life into the Celica,” he said during an earlier presentation. There are no concrete plans yet, but perhaps the FT-Se above offers the first image of the new Celica. According to Toyota, it shows 'a future transformed by electrification and intelligence together with the new experiential values that cars offer.'

The car is becoming more important in our lives

According to the brand, we will soon not only use cars for 'physical transport'. Instead, the car should be a 'lifestyle partner' that suits each individual customer. That is why a car must grow with the driver thanks to software updates. For example, in your younger years the radio is set to Slam FM by default and over the years it will slowly switch to NPO Klassiek, we think.

The FT-Se was built together with Toyota Gazoo Racing. Hence the GR emblems on the left and right. From the two images of the FT-Se we can tell little about the car. What is clear is the importance of aerodynamics. Look at all those lines leading to the spoiler. Or marvel at the flashy diffuser. According to Toyota, the FT-Se is indeed focused on balance and aerodynamic performance.

Another concept car

The sporty concept car shares parts with another study model, the FT-3e. Toyota calls this car an SUV type, but thanks to the obscure image of the driving car, we tend to label it a crossover. In contrast to its sportier brother, the lines and surfaces of the body of the FT-3e are as simple as possible.

As is often the case with concept cars, Toyota is secretive about releasing a production model based on the FT-Se or FT-3e. Anyway, if the chairman and Toyoda themselves have already decided to make an electric Celica, what is holding the brand back? By the way, you can see the concept cars at the Tokyo auto show. For when you're in the area.