The Sow is back

Stuttgart, 5. June 2018

Snout, dewlap, ham and Leg of pork: With the 917/20 "the Pig" came from Porsche in the 1971 24-hour race in Le Mans for powerful sensation. Even today, the pink race car with the painted flesh parts of a pig is extremely well-known. 47 years later, Porsche is the legendary optics resurgence. That's not all: In the framework of this year's race in Le Mans there are still more Retro look.

Icon-optics in double-pack

Basis of around 510 HP Porsche 911 RSR is The factory cars with the starting numbers 91 and 92 present in the traditional Le Mans-style decor from the 1970s and 1980s. Number 91 is in the iconic blue-and-white Design with red and gold stripes. It is intended to remind of the former Sponsor, the cigarette manufacturer Rothmans,. Famous Porsche 956 C (Le Mans winner 1982 and 1983) and the 962 C (winner, 1986 and 1987). The number 92 takes up, finally, the famous "Pig"Design of the 917/20.

The legend of the "Pig"

The Porsche 917/20 was a one-off piece, which should combine the aerodynamic advantages of the Short - and long-tail version of the 917. Indeed, until then, unproven car won in the qualification. The left sit up and take notice, but the audience's favourite was the 917/20, was by his of Porsche Designer Anatole Lapine designed pig-optics. Promptly of the 600-HP car its nickname "the truffle hunter and had gone". Unfortunately, the "Sau" is not a Lucky bastard: In the race of the 917/20 was eliminated in fifth place, lying by accident.(rh)