The sea-Porsche

Monaco, May 23, 2017

Solvent Porsche fans should now listen up: soon there is their favorite brand as a ship. The Monaco yacht builders Dynamiq hybrid announces the GTT 115, an exclusive boat with aluminum body. The deliveries will begin in the September 2017.

Less is more

However, the term "Sea-911" applies to rather less, because in the GTT 115 hybrid not the sports car brand is involved, but the Studio, which had once been founded by F. A. Porsche. Many will know the clothing, perfumes and bags of 'Porsche Design' or ever be passed to a store. But back to the ship: GTT stands for "Grand Turismo Transatlantic", 115 denotes the length in feet. Converted 35 metres, there are also models with 100 feet (30.5 meters) and 85 feet (26 meters) in planning. No crazy lengths for overseas yachts. But exactly what is wanted, as Sergej Dobroserdow of Chief of Dynamiq says: our customers "want is 50 - or 60-meter yacht"downsizen"to let the stress of the high operating costs associated behind. At the same time they are used but the highest standards."

Noble premises

Therefore, there are three or four cabins to choose from, which are equipped with Brown and beige leather and carbon fiber applications. The interior design was developed together with Minotti, an Italian brand of designer furniture. According to Dynamiq is the ideal allocation of the GTT 115 out of six guests in three cabins with the same number of personnel on board. Interesting detail: the ceiling height is 2.15 metres. A tribute to Porsche's cars are there, by the way: the seat cushions on the deck quote the classic Pepita pattern, as it is used in the recent 911 R.

Strong range

The word "Transatlantic" carries the Dynamiq GTT 115 not in vain on behalf of: two MAN marine diesel with each 1,213 kilowatts, performance (these are 1.649 PS) allow a range of up to 6,300 kilometers. Maximum is 21 knots quickly over the water, equivalent to about 39 km/h. Also relevant: A draught of 1.45 metres enables a cruising through the Caribbean or the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, the Dynamiq GTT 115 remains a rare treat for solvent captains. Only seven copies will be built in the Italian Viareggio, the base price is 11.9 million euros. 15 months should pass to the delivery. (rh)