The right chemistry against dirt and grime

Stuttgart, 27 December 2016

Perhaps also include to your good intentions for the new year, to clean the car again right from the inside. Fürs cockpit and the plastic parts in the rear to use however not any cleaner, so the GTÜ society for technical supervision. Solvent-containing substances such as turpentine or nail polish remover access the surface of airbag modules may be. In an accident, solve hard plastic parts at the unfolding of the airbag danger then and cause serious injury.

Twelve cleaner in the test

But what cockpit cleaner are recommended? The GTÜ has tested 12 products. Test winner with the predicate was "highly recommended" caramba cockpit spray fresh, followed by six also very recommendable products: NIGRIN cockpit spray, Aral cockpit spray, PrimAuto cockpit care, ArmorAll depths, Sonax cockpit keepers and is considered a RS 1000 cockpit care. The other courses followed by even five "recommended" products by biloxxi, Liqui moly, Meguiar s, Aero and Audi, which operate under the names "Cockpit care" or "Interior Cleaner".

From dust to Goo

Application, cleaning/efficiency, impact and costs were examined. In terms of application, it went to the information content of the manuals as well as metering, Spreadability and fertility of the medium. The examination of the effects of the cleaning, however, was crucial. Six "Testschmutze" of dust about pen strokes, saline solution, Cola orange juice mixture, milk coffee up to the grease had to be removed without damaging the plastic. Furthermore, the cleaner should not increase the risk of slipping on doormat rubber. You should not clean way, pedal rubbers and steering wheel with detergents, to avoid the risk of slipping.

Car grease makes most problems

All in all satisfactory to very good described as can the result. At best the car grease not well coped with almost half of the cleaner made the biggest problems. Dust and salt water, and amazingly the Cola juice mixture could, however, unsustainable perpetuate itself in the automotive plastic. All cleaners here providing impeccable cleanliness. Before the cleaning action, you should throw however have a look in the instruction manual of your car. Observe the care instructions and safety warnings, such as solvent-based cleaners. And then to work. (sl)