The power of two hearts

Brühl, 3. November 2016

Nissan expands its electric technologies and now wants in addition to the "traditional" battery drives as they are installed, for example, in the electric car leaf, bring another version with an additional burner on the market. The system goes by the name "ePower" and is first in the Nissan note used.

Incinerator for power generation

The technology is based on the drive unit of the all-electric leaf and will include a small internal combustion engine. This however does not directly drives a shaft, but is used only for generating electricity. With this addition, an external charging of the battery via a power cable is unnecessary.

Serial hybrid

In detail, the system works as follows: the internal combustion engine charges the battery over a generator and an inverter. This so-called serial hybrid electric motor and battery pack required usually quite a lot of space. Nissan is now managed to shrink to fit in the compact touch the system. The battery itself is therefore somewhat less than that of the leaf. The typical advantages of electric cars will still remain: high torque from the outset, quiet acceleration and smooth power delivery. The Nitro and electric motor combination makes it possible to drive an electric car without having to worry about reloading. A service station for gasoline find you eventually always a stone's throw away.

Technology, such as when BMW

A similar technique that Nissan now sells under the ePower "label", builds a BMW in the i3. There, an internal combustion engine as a so-called "range extender" produces the electricity for the electric power system. (mf)