The perfect family car

Berlin, 29. September 2017

It is not a new finding: families spent much time together in the car. But are classic family carriages optimally equipped for the journey to school or travel in the holidays? The auction and shopping portal Ebay has now asked more than 1,000 families, how their ideal car should look like. Based on the results of a VW Touran was rebuilt.

A lot of space, easy cleaning

As the main points of the survey respondents cited two things: Plenty of storage space (73 percent) and-resistant seat covers (67 percent). By way of example for the last point, the statement of the actress Nina Bott: "I've dreamed of often after the car ride, the seats can wipe. Especially when I'm driving and my little daughter her fruit porridge on the back to eat." 51 percent of respondents also want a small fridge in the car. 56 percent find screens for the rear passengers is good, followed by an own music system for this area (38 percent). Want to last even 24 percent to a dashboard with a children's steering Wheel for "yourself".

Dreams become a reality

As far as the poll results were actually implemented in reality. More precisely, as a single piece, based on the VW Touran. The compact Van has been fully expanded, and according to the Wishes of the parents transformed. How the result is, you will see in our photo gallery.(rh)