The new Generation VIII looks

Hair, 19. July 2017

The current Rolls-Royce Phantom launched in 2003. With 14 years, he is by normal standards a car mobile Methuselah. But a Rolls-Royce is not a normal car. But even for a Methuselah, the last hour strikes at some point. The production ran out in January 2017 and on 27. July 2017 is to be revealed to the followers. Audience premiere of the car at the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017). Now a couple of pictures of the vehicle "leaked".

New headlights, other front bumper

The Chinese Website published three pictures of the car, which was apparently photographed from a Monitor. The Design matches the prototypes that surfaced in March 2016. The Changes compared to the current Phantom VII are rather subtle. The LED headlights are not quite as rectangular as before. The silver temple is reminiscent chrome grill with the Emily on the top of the gable remains basically unchanged. The front bumper was different; it now contains a large barred air inlet. The pictures show a bicolor paint job in Purple (roof and bonnet) and White (Front and sides) as well as matching wheels with purple covers-colored Hub. The side view with the long doors suggests that it is the long wheelbase version of the Phantom.

Based on the CLAR platform of BMW

The Phantom VIII should be based on the so-called CLAR-platform (CLuster Architecture, previously as 35up), on the in the future, all BMWs from 3 series to 7 series and also the larger SUV's the new X3 up to the scheduled X7 will be based. It provides with many aluminum and carbon fiber parts for reduced weight of the Phantom. The current, with 5.84-metre-long Phantom with 2.6 tons of no light weight. The 6,09 meters long EWB Version weighs 2.7 tonnes and is one of the most difficult Cars ever. For comparison: after all, 5,24-Meter weighs in at the end of the long version of the current 7 series (which is based on the CLAR platform), with a twelve-cylinder just under 2.3 tons.

Display instead of conventional instruments

The Cockpit of the Phantom VIII seems at first glance very familiar. If you look closer, you will recognize that a Display replaces the conventional instrument – these images also confirm Erlkönig. In addition, the air vents were placed more to the bottom to make room for a larger Central display screen, which is hidden in the picture, however, behind a panel. The analog clock has been shifted to the right side of the Display. Also the steering Wheel was slightly different, it now has a shiny metallic Ring as the lower end of the baffle pot.

We are looking forward to the unveiling Steven Ewing (USA) has seen the new Phantom already. Everything he may say, however, is that the car looks in reality much better than on the leaked images. No wonder: technically you are not really the best, but they are likely to give a good view of the new Design. Nevertheless, you may to the official unveiling on may 27. July 2017 be curious.(sl)