The most powerful Bentley of ever

Crewe (England), 9 January 2016

With impressive 635 HP from a huge V12, the Bentley Continental GT was the most potent what ever left the factory in the English Crewe speed so far. Now the British sit still one and bring the continental Supersports with legendary names and more than 700 HP.

710 HP and 1,017 Newton meter

The Continental GT of Supersports relies on the same V12 engine which has fired the top model GT speed. To earn the tradition-based "Super Sport"-Beinamen, which graced a Bentley racing car for the first time in the 1920s, had the engineers tease out but a few extra HP from the great Englishman. Now, very impressive 710 HP and 1,017 Newton metres of torque are in the data sheet. The additional power has been achieved through new turbochargers and a revised intake system. Also, the crankshaft was reinforced for increased performance. From the State's 100th final in 3.5 seconds thanks to these values is only at 336 km/h of the Continental GT cemented his top spot in the race for the fastest luxury four-seater.

Suspension, wheels and exhaust

To bring the newfound power to the road, Bentley used the 4WD torque vectoring technique which was used in the continental GT3-R. Carbon ceramic brake discs and a better brake cooling ensures an adequate negative acceleration. The braking system sits behind new 21-inch forged wheels, which save a whopping 20 kg of unsprung weight compared to the previous Bentley rims. More 5 kg can be trained off with the optional titanium exhaust system. The suspension of the GT Supersports has been streamlined and can be over the asphalt cower the British poet without compromising typical Bentley comfort.

Revised exterior

Visually the new GT Supersports distinguishes itself from its weaker brethren. New bumpers front and rear diffuser with splitter provide an aggressive look. The air vents in the bonnet are painted from carbon, the exhaust aperture in glossy black. Tinted headlights and taillights are a uniform dark look with black details on the grille, the bumpers and the window frame. Who places value on even more aerodynamic, can opt for the package of fixed rear spoiler and larger front splitter.

What's new in the Interior

Bentley typical some attention is given also the Interior. The Interior can be equipped in the future at the same time with three tones. Seats and Alcantara door trim come in a new diamond design. The range of ten different varieties of wood veneer is complemented by a version in carbon look. Super Sport badging and embroidery round off the picture.

Prices and mark start

The Bentley Continental GT Supersports is offered as both a Coupé and open convertible version. Prices or the British still does not give a date for the launch. The previous leader GT launched speed around 212,000 euros. For the new Supersports, probably several thousand euro are likely to be more due. (mf)