The monster by Ludovic Lazareth

Geneva, 14 March 2016

Ludovic Lazareth is an art lover of a special kind. His heart beats for expensive painting or classical music, but for powerful and pleasant-sounding eight-cylinder engines. The extraordinary appreciation culminates in his unique motorcycle creations, whose last sprouted at the Geneva car show was to marvel at in 2016. Manege for the wonderful crazy Lazareth-LM-847-bike.

The engine in the Center

"For me, each project starts with the engine. I build the vehicle around him", Lazareth founded the style of the bike. It's him matter especially that you can see as much of the mechanics of the drive. And so is also the newest creation from his workshop. The engine is mounted centrally between the two axles with twin tyres. Front, there's still a handlebar, carbon all around a bit, but it was then essentially even. The 4.7-liter unit from Maserati 470 horsepower and is likely to make at least longitudinal dynamic pretty legs the vehicle. Also the braking system is interesting. The calipers bite on friction rings, which are mounted directly on the rims.

Street legal? Do not need

Quite a few visitors to the Geneva car show may have wondered how this floor is ever to obtain a street legal. Lazareths answer is simple: "Where the buyer lives, not so closely is it street-legal." The elaborate creation is scheduled for a quarter of a million have changed hands. If the LM 847 really moves, or their existence must eke out more as a beautiful sculpture, moreover one can only speculate. Lazareth won't mind anyway: "Eight-cylinder Yes indeed look like works of art". (mf)