The Minister is delighted: with blue stripe on the tyre!

Munich/Rome, 31 March 2017

The vehicle fleet of the Italian police will be reinforced immediately with a Lamborghini Huracán. The Super Sport is less to the Manhunt as used for special tasks such as the organs.

Key collection by Domenicali

So far even the Polizia received a new Lambo from time to time, but so far the passing was always the task by Stephan Winkelmann. Almost exactly a year ago, Stefano Domenicali succeeded him as Managing Director of Lamborghini, and so he handed over the car this time. The key to took the Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti.

Pirelli P zero as "Police blue" color Edition

Of course, the passed Lambo wears the colours of the Italian police, blue and white. However, this includes also the tires are still a blue line. Like every other Lambo is also the police car with the Pirelli P zero tyres. But not with ordinary tyres, but with those of the new colour Edition which was presented recently at the Geneva Auto show. Interior Minister Minniti was literally charmed by the hardly striking stripes: "Pirelli has bestowed us with a big surprise with the unique blue on the tyre: it looks great!" (sl)