The I. D. Vizzion is VWs-Autonomous-electric-upper class

Wolfsburg/Geneva, 5. March 2018

In some situations, only the escape helps to the front. So will it come to Volkswagen located, and now the 80. Geneva auto show starts. With the court decision to Diesel-driving bans, so one has the feeling, the Never-ending Story, the battered self-starter, Yes really travel. There's an auto show, you can bask in the glory of a better future, just right. The gloss and the better future for VW in the new study, I. D. Vizzion, a purely electric and fully Autonomous upper-class sedan with a range of 665 km embodied on the shores of lake Geneva.

The Fourth in the League

At Volkswagen, a strange electric-name strategy that s to convey the message with as many "Z"probably something like progressive, urban cool, we have gotten used to already. According to the compact I. D., the E-SUV I. D. Crozz, as well as the modern Bulli I. D. Buzz of the I. D. Vizzion is the fourth member of Wolfsburg's new electric family. That VW is communicating in the same way, suggests that we will also see the I. D. Vizzion, sooner or later, as a production model at the dealer. Where "later" in this case it is probably better. Finally, the I. D. Vizzion is so Autonomous that you can use it not even in theory itself.

Not even a steering Wheel

This task is the so-called "digital Chauffeur takes over". According to VW, there are a variety of assistance systems, but no steering Wheel or visible controls. For passengers: Free time means the design during the journey. In order for it to stink is not in the result of boring the I. D. Vizzion about a "virtual Host", with which one by voice and gesture control communicates. The Host is also capable of learning and adapts to the individual preferences of its passengers. The available media content to be projected in hologram-ish in front of the windshield.

Very modern, lots of glass

The Design of the I. D. Vizzion is based on the previous I. D.-studies. The large sedan is drawn very futuristic and coupé, has huge wheels and in opposite directions opening doors. Over the entire interior with a monumental glass surface, which is supported by two slender, silver held arches. Inside there are four seats, with the electric concept according to feudal space. Bright leather and lots of wood make for a Business class Feeling.

306 HP system performance

Even if you can't drive the VW I. D. Vizzion self, you will probably still, as he drives. Purely electric, of course. And driven via all four wheels. With a 75 kW E-Motor at the front and a 150 kW electric Motor in the rear. The system performance of 5,11-Meter-long sedan is so – as in the case of the I. D. Crozz – at 306 HP. A 0-100-km/h-the value of Volkswagen not announced, but who is the sprint ability of the own vehicle interested, if you rumlümmelt with Chips and ceiling on the back seat and the 13. Season of "Game of Thrones" pulls in. Also, the maximum speed is expected to be in the brave new automotive world is rather secondary. The I. D. Vizzion aims to create 180 km/h. After all.

More than 20 E-cars by 2025

Much more important: The range. And here is the VW on the saddle in comparison to the previous studies. The Phaeton has a future in the belly of his MEB-platform (Modular electrification kit) Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 111 kWh. Recuperation is also taken into account, should he come up to 665 km, before it must again to the power outlet. More information on VWs dickstem E-thing yet. However, the wolf Burger, emphasize that you want to bring up to 2025, more than 20 electric cars on the market. 2020 the compact I. D. 2 starts. The I. D. Crozz and the I. D. of Buzz follow "at short intervals". What time is the big I. D. Vizzion is in the dealer's showrooms, says Volkswagen. He really should be planned as a fully Autonomous vehicle, it could take as long but still for a while.(sw)