The God of the wind

San Cesario sul Panaro (Italy), 15 February 2017

"The goal is always to surpass themselves" Horacio Pagani describes even his company's latest creation: the Huayra Roadster. The open version of the 2011 released hyper athlete shines with countless innovations and superlatives, but also a horrendous price and a very small quantity.

Lighter than the Coupé

The Roadster is the third stage of the Huayra, and follows on the Coupé, as well as on the track version of "BC". Through the use of new lightweight materials, the open version is 80 kg lighter than the Coupé and at the same time 52 percent stiffer. The conventional doors are likely to have a big part in the Coupé, there are 300 SL gull-wing doors like at the legendary Mercedes. Visually the Roadster stands out also with a more contoured front and wider fenders of the Coupé. Active aerodynamics makes for a good amount of downforce.

AMG-power for the Huayra

In the rear of the Huayra Roadster sits an AMG V12 six litre engine, the 764 PS and developed a whopping 1,000 nm of torque. A new seven-speed automatic transmission gives the power to the rear axle. The Roadster developed since 2013 is either supplied with two different roofs. Number one is a carbon roof with glass insert, which should allow easy to install and give the impression of a Coupé. Number two is a mixture of carbon and material that can be removed and stowed in the Huayra.

Limited and extremely expensive

Now, like so much of the Huayra also us Roadster there like so often one or more hooks. Once the price is there: 2.28 million Pagani at least calls. However no Huayra is known, which was sold to the list price. So a few hundred thousand euros can be in options and customization sink. But you break up please not the head, what colour would you your Roadster. All 100 copies have already been sold. (mf)