The Ferrari Crossover?

Maranello, 2. August 2017

Whether you like it or not, but a Ferrari SUV – no that would be too shocking, we say better to have a Ferrari Crossover is likely to come in a couple of years on the market. The development of the internal F16X-mentioned project has begun, according to Reports. The finished product is to appear in 2021. It is obviously a "Utility Vehicle", to provide more space than the currently largest Ferrari GTC4Lusso.


If there is more ground clearance, is still not clear. Similarly, whether it is a Two - or four-door. A classic SUV don't want it to be. The new "value-in-use-Ferrari" is one of the main pillars of the Plan, with the FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne the Profit of the company up to the year 2022 to double. The magazine reported by Bloomberg.

2,000 PCs in a year

Of paragraph (2016 were 8.014 vehicles) but should not exceed the self-imposed limit of 10,000 vehicles. It comes to exclusivity and consumption limits would have to comply with a Ferrari otherwise. The new model is about to contribute to 2,000 sales per year. Especially the Chinese market, one has in view.

Well with a V8 Hybrid

The new F16X is likely to stand on the platform of the GTC4Lusso-successor, which is scheduled for 2020. All-wheel drive and a V8 Hybrid is likely to be set. Generally speaking, Ferrari wants to increase the Hybrid-beat number significantly, in order to make its models more efficient. The Red is not the first luxury manufacturer, dedicated to the topic of SUV/Crossover. With Maserati and Bentley, there is already an SUV, Aston Martin is developing a Crossover, and Rolls-Royce will come up soon with its first SUV called the Cullinan.(sw)