The classic is revamped

Stuttgart, September 22, 2015

For more than 35 years, the Mercedes-AMG G-Class already moves to the heart of the SUVs fans. The angular shape remained largely unchanged ?? a rarity in a time of fast-paced styles and cross-model vehicle faces. Now get the boxy climbers a few updates donated. In addition, a particularly egregious G study goes into series production.

New engine in the G 500

With the facelift all engines to be up to 16 percent more powerful and at the same time consume up to 17 percent less. In addition, all engines comply now with the Euro 6 standard. A completely new engine found in G 500 his home: The well-known from the AMG GT or the C 63 AMG 4 - liter V8 biturbo is now to be found in the G-Class. There he produces 422 hp and 610 Newton meters. Compared to the 5.5-liter vacuum cleaner of its predecessor, which provided 387 hp and 530 newton meters, which represents an increase of 35 horsepower and 80 Newton meters. The sprint from zero to 100 manages the G500 takes in 6.1 now in 5.9 seconds and the consumption is reduced from 14.9 to 12.3 liters.

Revised machine, the usual drive

The engine of the G 350 d produced instead of 211 now 245 hp instead of 540 and is now 600 newton meters. The acceleration is improved from 9.1 to 8.8 seconds, and the consumption is scaled down from 11.2 to 9.9 liters. At the G 63 AMG are now 571 instead of 544 and the G 65 AMG instead of 612 now 630 hp. G 350 D, G 500 and G 63 AMG get a standard start-stop system donated. The drive system with permanent all-wheel drive, low range gearing and three switchable while driving locking differentials remain.

Optimised chassis and gearbox with shift paddles

Also new are optimized shock absorbers and a better-tuned suspension. Also ESP, ASR and ABS have been optimized. When G 500 an adjustable damping is also available, which is equipped with a comfort and a sports level. This reduces body roll of the G-Class in flotterer gait. In addition, the load of the front axle has been increased by 100 kilograms and now is 1550 kilograms. The seven-speed automatic is ?? as in the models G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG ?? now the G 350 d and is available with a manual mode to G 500, in which the gears can be changed using shift paddles.

Light optical adjustments

Visually there are 500 some small changes for the G 350 and G d. Both models receive a redesigned bumpers at the front. Furthermore, the fender flares are now painted in body color. The G 350 d also receives 18-inch five-spoke - Design.Ein new color package with the colors " SolarBeam ", " tomatored ", " alien green", " sunset beam " and " galactic beam" is now also available. Those who opt for one of these options, all add-on parts replaced in obsidian black and color-coordinated decorative stitching. Inside, both models get a G - instrument cluster with 2 - tube look, redesigned hands and dials and 11.4-centimeter multifunction display.

Giant G goes into series production

A special highlight among the G - models it has now made ​​it into the series: the G 500 4x4². The Monster-G comes with a four-wheel drive, including portal axles and the V8 from the G 500 with 422 hp. Its chassis comes up with double spring and damper legs and an adjustable damping including Sport mode. The trail drops 264 millimeters wider from than in a 'normal' G-Class. As of December 2015 starts the 4x4² for 226,100 euros at the dealership . ( mf )