The Bugatti people, for the people

Munich, 1. June 2018

Around 2.9 million euros for a Bugatti costs Chiron. Light years away for "normal people". But now you can also afford the ordinary people, in a Chiron: Lego technic brings the racers in the Form of a lush kit on the market.

Gigantic Kit

The Mini-Chiron is in the 1:8 scale and consists of 3,599 K Parts. Some time should therefore be planned for the Assembly, Lego also recommends a minimum age of 16 years. The Chiron about 14 inches high, 56 inches long and 25 inches wide. To include the original Details of the body with an active rear wing, low profile tires on spoke rims, and of course, the W16 engine with moving pistons.

Attention to Detail

In the detailed Cockpit movable shift paddles for the Lego-eight-speed transmission. Each model has its own serial number that is located under the trunk lid. The kit also includes a Speed-key. With its help, the active rear-wing of the Handling can be brought to position in the Top-Speed Position. A chic Detail is located in the trunk of a Bugatti travel bag. Last but not least, the Set is Packed in an exclusive Box that comes with a collectible color booklet with detailed building Instructions. With nine Podcasts from Bugatti and Lego experts, Fans will be able to employ, also incoming with the emergence of the model. First, the block-Chiron in Lego Stores and the online Lego Shop is available on 1. August 2018 he comes in the retail trade. Price: 370 Euro.(rh)