The BMW shows at the IAA in 2017

Munich, 1. September 2017

The IAA 2017 (12. - 24. September) stands in front of the door and to the Quasi-home game in Frankfurt has imposed on BMW a tight program. Six world premieres in Munich on their 10,500 square meters large exhibition booth. Two long-awaited sports car – studies the – go, at least for the European audience-also as a Bock, strong new arrivals are coming with the 8-seater Concept and the Z4 Concept.

Scooter-the future and the police-good luck

The study of a futuristic electric scooter, the latest BMW developments To the issues of electrification, digitization and Autonomous, and as the absolute pinnacle (at least for the Law-fetishists) is the latest police vehicle on the Basis of the current 5-series Touring. But pictures say more than words, so we have grouped all of the BMW-IAA Highlights in the above image gallery for you.(sw)