The best Batmobile of ever?

Detroit (United States), 16 January 2017

Just cheer the age of six in us. Why? Now, Chevrolet has built a new Batmobile. And it is made of LEGO! We find one of the best combinations of all time. But why does the US manufacturer? And why is the part completely worn $ 48 million? We educate.

Na na na na na na Batman!

So: on 10 February starts the new LEGO Batman movie in theaters in the United States. Theatrical release is in Germany on February 9. And to celebrate, the Americans have built the movie car from LEGO bricks and in the scale 1:1. This results in a length of approximately five meters, a height of two meters and a width of three meters. How many LEGO bricks were used? More than 344.000. Overall, the construction was 1,833 and development 200 hours.

The data in the "technical"

Especially cool: Chevrolet also lists the LEGO Batmobile in his configurator on their own website in addition to the real cars. The price? 48 million U.S. dollars. For this you get also a 60.2 liter V100 engine no, no typo and 20,000 horsepower. The modes are called not "eco", "Normal" and "Sport", but "Race", "parallel park" and "Monster Truck". Why didn't it previously? Are you not sure whether you like the Batmobile in the black on the photos? Don't worry, there are twelve more black tones to choose from. All in conjunction with black leather. Logical. We are thrilled. And end this text with a matching Batman quote: "because that's what it takes. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve, that confidence will be rewarded". Thank you, Chevrolet. (mf)