The 900 HP racer for the Championship

Stuttgart, March 23, 2016

Two days before the official prologue of the sports car world championship in Le Castellet the Stuttgart presents his weapon for the title defense at the World Cup and at the 24-hour race in Le Mans car manufacturer Porsche. The further development of the 2015 cars must be against the factory teams of Audi and Toyota.

Porsche 2016 with the number one

Two vehicles go 2016 with the numbers one and two at the start, after Porsche 2015 both won the 24 hour race, Le Mans as well as the drivers and constructors world titles in the sports car World Championship. Hybrid has been revised in the fields of aerodynamics, engine and chassis of the 919. Thus, Porsche the only of the three competing teams of work that brings no completely new development at the start, however, already is Audi and Toyota.

900 HP thanks to hybrid

The four-cylinder turbo engine with two liters of displacement has regulations due 2016 slightly less power than in the previous year, around 400 HP. The incinerator powers only the rear axle. The rules of the sports car world championship based on the maximum energy that can consume one vehicle per round on the 13-kilometer circuit in Le Mans. The 919 hybrid in the eight-megajoule class approached and may consume therefore maximum exactly 4.31 liters of gasoline per round. To get on the system performance of around 900 HP, Porsche relies on kinetic braking energy recuperation and the use of the exhaust to drive a more turbine to generate electricity next to the Turbo. The energy is stored in lithium-ion batteries and delivers around 500-extra HP on the front axle, which makes hybrid to a temporary all cyclists the 919 if necessary.

Three Aero packages

A completely new front axle was mounted on the monocoque made of carbon, the rear axle is only optimized. On the aerodynamics side, Porsche enters the new season with a novelty. For the first time to use all freedoms of the regulations and bring the vehicles in different races with three special Aero packages at the start. Let's start with a version with much downforce for the track at Silverstone. At the long distance Classic at Le Mans, the 919 with extremely low output be driven to achieve maximum top speeds on the long straights. An advanced package with high output is then used on the remaining six courses in the calendar. Among other things this will be also at the German race at the Nürburgring in August the case. (mf)