Tesla reaches agreement on 'gigafactory' China

Tesla has put his signature under a document that allows the advent of a so-called 'gigafactory' in China.

Tesla has in the United States, two "gigafactories' operational, huge production facilities where the brand is under the other batteries for its cars builds. There has long been spoken about the arrival of a third and even a fourth gigafactory. One of them must be in Europe be in the right place while the other is in China, should appear. Tesla has now reached an agreement on the rent of land in China where the latter is going to build, according to coverage from Reuters.

Tesla has roughly 121 million consideration for the nearby Shanghai located piece of land. The lease is valid for a period of fifty years. Tesla gave previously that at least two billion dollars needed for the establishment of the factory. There are additional costs if the factory is taken into use. Tesla wants the factory cars produce annually about 500.000 pieces.

The two gigafactories that Tesla in America, in the states of Nevada and Buffalo.