Tailgate-automatic for everyone

Hamburg, 27. September 2017

Everyone probably knows it: You wear a lot of things in the hands, it is enough, barely, for the pressure on the key to Unlock the car. Well, who now has an electrically-opening tailgate. The Problem: there is no Such thing, for each vehicle, in addition, such an Extra is quite expensive. The VW Tiguan is about the electric tailgate will cost 395 Euro in addition, with the Opening by Fußschwenk under the bumper there are even 745 Euro. Now there is a solution for owners of older vehicles are interesting: Go Simply.

Easy Installation

The idea of five young men: An automatic trunk opening on a mechanical Basis. GB Tuning is the name of your company, "Go Simply" the product, which is marketed successfully in the TV show "die höhle der Löwen". There are spring kits of springs, which are subsequently set to the already existing damper to the piston rod of the tailgate. The can make according to GB Tuning skillful customer in four steps.

Cheaper Price

When you Close the trunk with the mounted springs are pressed together, it is a form. To unlock the tailgate by pressing a button on the key, it opens slowly by itself up. Yet Go Simply "is" for over 50 vehicles from Alfa Romeo to VW now available, more models are in the planning stage. Remarkable is the price: Only 19.99 Euro be called.(rh)