Surprise at the film premiere

Los Angeles (USA), 29. June 2017

Audi seems to currently have a particularly sharp knife, when it comes to the new A8. Why? No other manufacturer cuts currently annoying thinner salami slices as the car builders from Ingolstadt. Now, the next flagship we-Happen accused of ... on the occasion of the world premiere of the film "Spider-Man: the Homecoming" in Los Angeles.

Not only on the carpet to remain

Because of the new A8 in the Hollywood strip, will play a supporting role, was the main actor Tom Holland chauffeured in the car to the red carpet at the evening event at the TCL Chinese Theatre. As the large sedan but it was only on 11. July 2017 will be officially unveiled at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, had a special camouflage decals To be developed – of course, in the Spider-Look. What you eventually see in the Film of the Audi vehicle? Parts of the Front and side designs, and that the car has a traffic jam pilot.

More hot sled

The film colleagues of Tom Holland went by the way, not just less pompous: Both Robert Downey Jr. as well as John Favreau arrived in a black Audi R8 Spyder. Beautiful. But we sincerely hope that it is now, with the salami slices and we have to wait from now on, only on the right presentation.(ml)