Super Star get H & R Sport springs

Lennestadt, 26 August 2016

It has an also bollernden Twin-Turbo V8, very well set up 510 PS, beastly well dealing with the curve and with its wings pulled to the outside, it looks divine. But that does not mean that there would be C at the new Mercedes-AMG 63 S Coupé not still room for improvement. There are at least the suspension specialists H & r this opinion. They have now developed a new set of sport springs for the Swabian muscle car.

20 mm deep

It 415 euros, is matched exactly to the series shock absorbers and ensures a lowering of well 20 mm 63 Coupé at the C. On the attached images, you can see how massive AMGs Super Coupé using the shorter H & R parts is on the road. The chassis manufacturer promises also "extra lateral Dynamics" in addition to the sporty appearance. The H & R guys should think better, for now 18 years they technology partner of the DTM team HWA are that C Coupé in the touring car racing series is responsible for many successful operations of Mercedes-AMG. One knows at H & R so with fast c-class.

C is still wide 63 Coupé

In addition to the lowering Springs H & R for the fastest c-class offers the "Trak +" wheel spacers Coupé soon. These are available in different widths and leave yet burly on the street the two-door 63. Both the springs and the extensions come with an opinion to the TÜV. (black & white)