Super-Porsche in Goodwood

Los Angeles (United States), 20 June 2016

Porsche 911 on the border of perfection: The U.S. company singer is known for their elaborate tags series 964, the "penalty" from the years 1989 to 1994. "Reimagine" spoken of, so by "rethink". At the Goodwood Festival of speed (23 to 26 June 2016), singer displays his latest creation.

A penalty for England

The fact that singer since 2008 50 vehicles has rebuilt, testifies to the effort that the company operates. Here is not just a Porsche 964 series on the Classic 911 look to build. But it emphasizes high craftsmanship, which is reflected in the prices: you are in the six-figure range. But back to the this year's Goodwood Festival of speed. Singer presented the "Newcastle", a 911 from 1990, which was created for a customer in the British city.

Four liters of displacement

White, of course right guided Coupé is powered by a six-cylinder Boxer with four liters of displacement, to the exact performance singer is silent. Other details include a six-speed manual, Brembo ceramic brakes with red calipers and a central tank cover in the front cover. Inside, blue leather sports seats and velvet-like nubuck leather offers the future owner. Presented the Singer Newcastle at Goodwood is one of the new presenters of the television series by Chris Harris, "Top Gear". (rh)