Stunning open

Sant'agata Bolognese (Italy), 7. September 2017

Eye-catcher has the IAA 2017 (14. - 24. To offer September) is more than sufficient. One will Shine on the Stand of Lamborghini: The new XKR-S Roadster.

Increased Sound Quality

Simply put, this is the open Version of the revised Aventador. However, Lamborghini is setting in more Detail to other lines. A motor bridge, with Ribs made of Matt carbon fiber runs from the rear window to the rear. Who wants to make the twelve-cylinder engine, gets an optional transparent engine bonnet. The removable roof panels on the Hardtops weigh less than six kilograms. To listen to the sound of the engine even better, it can be sunk in the rear-window electric.

But Funny Performance

As in the closed Aventador S there is also the Roadster all-wheel drive, active dampers, four-wheel steering and a EGO-driving mode. In the Latter case, the driver can combine their preferred settings for traction, steering and suspension. Overall, the Roadster weighs only 50 kilograms more than the coupe. No wonder, then, that the performance to distinguish of the two models with the same 740-HP 6.5-Liter V12 in the rear. In exactly three seconds, the Aventador is storming S Roadster to a speed of 100, a maximum of 350 km/h are possible. The switching operations take a maximum of 50 Milli-seconds, is stopped by Carbon-ceramic. At the beginning of 2018, the first customer to be delivered by the vehicles. Solvency is recommended, the price is 373.262 Euro.(rh)