Special model in flight acrobats look

Gaydon (Great Britain), April 10, 2017

Aston Martin feels closely connected the flyers as a sports car manufacturer apparently. According to the models of Vantage S Blades Edition and V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 Edition a car related to the aircraft again set the British. The Red arrows Edition S based on the vanquish and was designed by Aston Martin's individualization Department called "Q". The model is named after the flying acrobats Department of the British Royal Air Force.

Red with Black roof and white lines

In total, no more than ten vehicles will be produced. All are painted in "Eclat Red" a reference to the color of the Red arrows of flown BAE Hawk. In addition a shiny black carbon roof with a gray image that should remind of camouflage pattern. Also, the wings on the front apron take the British Union Jack. A white line separates the diffuser at the rear of the body, accentuating the front spoiler. There's more color accents in blue and white on the side skirts. Finally that has red arrows Edition still a titanium exhaust.

Olive green interior

Military olive green dominates in the cockpit, it can be found on the seats, the steering wheel and the inside of the door. An engine inspection sticker and schematic diagrams of various flying formations on the headboards of the integral seats, as well as on the inside of the door are more special features. Also, the car has the same steering wheel as the very rare one-77. The space behind the seats is used as storage for two racing helmets. You are part of the facilities such as two race suits, two bomber jackets, a box set and a cover for the cars. Also a book on the car, as well as models of car and plane are included.

Swan Song?

Finally, Aston Martin mention that the Red arrows Edition is a "proper Coronation for the production cycle of the model". That sounds like the special model was a kind of swan song for the current generation of vanquish. This is however only since 2012 is produced and should have therefore actually a few years to go. (sl)