Soon a super sports car with electric drive from Ingolstadt?

Hair/Berlin, 20. June 2017

In October 2016, Audi has set its purely electric-driven super sports car R8 e-tron. If you didn't notice, then it is that manufacturers hang like most of the great bell. In addition, the Super-electrician was not just a mega-Creator: He was barely two years on the market, and less than 100 of these were sold. No wonder, the basic version cost about a Million Euro.

Audi Board member for development chat

Now, a report in the Online edition of the American car magazine "Car and Driver" on a successor to hope. In the interview, the new Audi was to identify development chief, Peter Mertens, that he wants to fill the gap created by the expiry of the R8 e-tron. "It is good to imagine that we have at a certain point, an electric super sports car," said Mertens on the edge of the formula E race in Berlin to journalists. "The question is: `Would I like to earlier?' and the answer is: ‘Yes, of course.' It is part of our Plan. We are not talking today about it, but I can tell you that for a brand like Audi is a super sports is always interesting, and this is a Segment in which we played as a Player, and we were a very serious Player."

A stand-alone model

Audi will generally offer not only electrified versions of existing models, but is specially developed electric vehicles. This means that the proposed electric super sports car will probably not be just a R8 with electric drive, but a separate model. Or a model number. Finally, Audi has announced for 2019, with a production version of the is also quite a sporty coupe SUVs, e-tron Sportback Concept. Mertens has also suggested that the vehicle could receive an 800-Volt charging system, despite the significantly higher price. According to Mertens, the customers would pay the surcharge if it was a super athlete. Mertens also announced that Audi's future e-tron models, yet sports could bring more top diesel and gasoline units. So there could be one day a e-tron S or e-tron RS. (sl)