Software for safe driving

Leverkusen, 22 July 2016

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda introduced the "Skyactiv" technologies for more efficient engines and lighter vehicles in its cars in recent years. Now follows the third stage: the chassis. The beginning makes the so-called "G-vectoring control driving dynamics control" the practical abbreviation of GVC that now in Japan and in September is to be introduced gradually in Europe.

More fun, more comfort, more safety

The system works as follows: the given motor torque depending on the steering angle to a lesser extent adjusts, so that should improve handling and ride comfort. The basis for this is the Steering movement of the driver, the system then controls lateral and longitudinal acceleration of the car. An advantage to arise in the areas of traction, vehicle trust and driving pleasure. Also reduces the need for unconscious steering corrections, which the driver will get tired less easily.

Effective especially in winter

The GVC on uneven or slippery surfaces even when snow and ice should be especially effective. There, the handling will significantly improve. In general are all Mazda vehicles with Skyactiv engines for the technology that must be fitted only by software update. The first vehicle that is equipped with the system, is the facelifted of Mazda 3.(mf)