So goes the right emergency lane

Hair, 15 December 2016

There are such moments, because every second counts. When a formula 1-pit-stop for example. Or if you want to keep your best buddy, but still it down before the altar of trust to commit a big mistake. But joking aside. 327 people in traffic accidents on German roads killed came alone in August 2016. The number of the injured amounted to approximately 37,000. And although driving schools, media and social networks do their best, it fails in many road users in the event of an accident is still at a really simple exercise: the emergency lane. Now Christmas is soon and because we want that you all sure do it for the holiday meal, we have yet again everything unravel on how it actually works with the emergency lane. Now please good care!

Between the left lane and the rest

Let us now consider the rules on roads with two or more lanes in one direction: it's really quite simple. Happened an accident that then could result in a traffic jam, all vehicles in the stalled traffic in the left lane Dodge to the left. All others are geared to the right. Through the alley, which is so formed, ambulance, fire brigade and police much faster at the accident site can get then than it would be without the emergency lane. Daily new videos especially in social networks emerge, which let us shudder. Recently, a motorist filmed as an ambulance in proposed seven minutes all three truck lengths came forward. A quick first aid at the scene of the accident can not speak of so.

Make up alley at sinking transport

It is also important in the formation of an emergency lane that already prior to the formation of a real jam a trace is created for the forces. Many motorists react too late and ineffective on the traffic situation and try to make an alley only directly in front of the emergency vehicles. Because all vehicles are already at this time, this mostly longer takes or is simply not feasible. So: Increasing traffic, is to form an emergency lane! The second paragraph of the regulations is so also in paragraph 11. And who the rules not to remember, which may use the "right hand" rule to help. While the distance between the thumb and the remaining four fingers represents when looking at your hand the position of the emergency lane. It's simple. And now we wish you a safe journey home and a happy holidays you all ever. (mf)