So comes the new Korea E class

New York (United States), March 23, 2016

At the New York Auto Show 2016 (25 March to 3 April) presented KIA the new version of its business cadenza sedan. KIAS Chief Designer Peter Schreyer took the Korean counterpart Mercedes E-class, BMW 5 series and co. under its wing and Government tightened the lines. The new front is a further development of the KIA typical "Tiger nose" barbeques (actually there are two grills; the higher trim levels get vertical bars) as well as a four team of LED daytime running lights like in the new Sportage. There are also new LED taillights, as well as more chrome including a bar to the whole tailgate. Finally, the 2017er cadenza is slightly wider, slightly flat and he gets a little more wheelbase. The leg room in the rear is expected to grow to about a centimeter, the trunk volume increased "slightly" so KIA.

Lighter and more dynamic

Cadenza inside the U.S. customers an increased processing and material quality, new leather and wood combinations can look forward. Also has one installed a knee airbag and a smarter seats (Yes, really) and lowered the seat for a UM sportier driving experience. The latter measure corresponds perfectly with Cadenzas of new chassis structure that whole 35 percent makes the car stiffer than the predecessor. Changes to the chassis (more aluminum, new agers, optimal coordination) should make the car lighter, dynamic, stable and quiet. Also, the Steering due to a new electronic control unit to react more spontaneously. Last but not least, there's a new 18 - and 19-inch wheels and bigger brakes.

New assistance systems, old engine

In terms of Infotainment and driver assistance, KIA has also brought the new cadenza on front man. Still a bit missing to the new E-class, but now there's a head-up display, a 360-degree view of improved, a self opening trunk as well as the latest versions of Android car and Apple car play after all. Also the own Smartphone is now wireless. When it comes to preventing accidents, KIA is on an adaptive cruise control, a collision warning with emergency brake function, a track leaving Warner, as well as for the first time on an active dead angle Warner. Little new, however, under the hood: Only one drive remains a slightly revised version of KIAS 3.3 litre V6 cleaner with 290 HP. After all this is linked to a new eight-speed automatic for the first time in a Kia maneuverability. Market launch has the new cadenza towards the end 2016. prices are not fixed yet. (black & white)