Small G-class in crazy colours

Stuttgart, July 5, 2016

The legendary G-class from Mercedes will be modernized bit by bit. LED technology on the front, nicer Interior and always more powerful engines of the perennial favorite is not just old. Who places an emphasis on an extravagant look, which can paint his kast-Benz in five bright colors. And exactly these colors find themselves well on a limited model car series. The magic word is "Crazy Colours".

Five bright colors

Together with the model manufacturer "GT spirit" Mercedes sets five special versions in 1:18 scale limited each to 463 copies. The five exceptional colors called "solarbeam", "sunsetbeam", "aliengreen", "tomatored" and "galacticbeam". They cover a range of bright green, through Orange to alternating blue tones. In contrast, mirrors, bumpers, wheel barrel extensions and the roof in black are painted. The G-class is an eyecatcher in any Cabinet.

To scale and rich in detail

The limitation of each 463 pieces per color, by the way has a logical background: the current series of the G-class is the internal code "W 463". The models produced from around 100 parts are absolutely to scale and mostly made of resin up to the intervals of the honeycomb stitching on the seats. The model cars at the Mercedes-Vetriebspartnern and in the Mercedes online shop are available. A price for the limited edition pigment has not yet been set. (mf)