SIM card as standard equipment Audi's go online now

Audi's go online now

The "Audi connect SIM" equips immediately its new models, which use the infotainment modular of second generation, with Audi. With the SIM card that is integrated at the factory the customer can use immediately to three years free the Audi-connect services with the corresponding data Flatrate - abroad.

The map is an integrated firmly into the car, so-called embedded SIM, which connect the customer in Europe with the optional Audi receives. So, the car becomes the mobile communication unit. The SIM card being the Connect Services on an LTE / UMTS module with up to 100 MBit / s download speed on board. Services include among others the navigation with Google Earth and Google Street view, as well as travel, traffic and parking information.

In addition, the driver receives access to his Twitter account, email and Smartphone calendar. DieSIM card includes an unlimited volume of data for the use of the services. In most European countries the SIM if necessary automatically accesses the respective provider of the country. Regardless of the integrated services of Audi in addition data packages for the Wi-Fi hotspot are available. This is part of the optional navigation systems. Thus, all passengers with up to eight mobile devices on the Internet surfing. (ampnet/jri)