Show admission for Future Brummi

Boulder, Nevada ( USA ), May 6, 2015

The Hoover Dam is the largest dam in the United States. Now the building, which supplies Las Vegas and California with green electricity, was lit with 60 synchronized projectors and so quickly turned into the biggest screen in the land of opportunity. On more than 39,000 square meters ( nearly ten football fields ) was held around a 30-minute light show. The occasion was the premiere of the first self-navigating trucks with MOT approval, the Freightliner Truck inspiration.

Development history

But from the beginning: In July 2014 Daimler Trucks had graduated ( including Freightliner belongs ) with the Mercedes Future Truck 2025 to a locked section of the A14 motorway near Magdeburg, the world's first autonomous truck ride. The next step on the way to series production is now the autonomous truck based on the US production model Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Inspiration Truck.

Exterior and interior

Equally exceptional as the presentation also reflects the new exterior design of autonomous Zukunfs - lorries. It is characterized by the hood, which is designed so that the radiator is covered. The door trim adapts to the shape of the front. In addition, the wheel covers have been aerodynamically optimized. Even light plays a major role when inspiration Truck: The indicator displays and the grille glow blue when the vehicle is in autonomous mode, white and yellow in normal operation. The special feature of the interior are great seats in the rear compartment and a halogen lighting that will create a pleasant cozy atmosphere inside.

The Highway Pilot

Technically, the basic vehicle has been enhanced by a " Highway - pilot ". The system uses a complex set of cameras and radar systems with Lane Keeping Assist and Collision Prevention capabilities. It regulates the speed, brakes and steers. As soon as the driver of the truck manually running on a highway, he can activate the Highway Pilot. The vehicle then switches to Autonomous mode and adapts to the prevailing traffic. Autonomous overtaking passes the Highway Pilot incidentally not one, this must be carried out by the driver himself. The same goes for leaving the highway and lane changes.

First official approval for road

So now received the official approval for road vehicle for the time being only for the US state of Nevada. According to Daimler Trucks, the goal is to offer the Highway Pilot middle of the next decade in production vehicles. This requires, however, a previously reached legal Salon ability. Incidentally, the first official trip approval completed Brian Sandoval, governor of Nevada and the head of Daimler Trucks Wolfgang Bernhard on the US Highway 15th (ml)