Sensory operation

Cologne, 20 April 2016

Small steering wheel down, instruments above and a touch screen in the center console: The so-called "i-cockpit" from Peugeot models 208 looks, 2008 and 308 out. Not everyone likes this solution, but 2.2 million owners of cars handle already. Apparently with positive feedback, because now the French the second generation present the "i-cockpit". The first use will be in the upcoming Peugeot 3008.

Even smaller steering wheel

What's so special about the new cockpit? The first point relates to the steering wheel, it is still small and flattened above as below. Second point is the unchanged high placed main instrument. Similar to such as VW and Audi, Peugeot is here in the future on completely digital ads. This can cut the driver personally on himself. At the same time, the solution is to eliminate a head-up display. Third point is finally mounted on the center console, an eight-inch touchscreen with capacitive technology. The 3D navigation with voice control calculates alternate routes in real time, while the infotainment car is open for Apple CarPlay, Mirrorlink and Android.

Refined ambience with smell

The center console is complemented by chrome toggle switches and a small automatic selector lever, which is similar to the format with the lever in the BMW models. Peugeot attaches particular importance to the feel and high-quality materials in the Interior. Not only should beguiles the senses: the tap of one button changes the intensity of the lighting, controls, stimulates the seats to the multiple-point massage and being fragrant the cockpit with perfume. All this can be set individually, two configurations are inevitable: "Boost" for invigorating trips and "Relax" for comfortable driving. (rh)