SEMA 2016: Sharpens Mazda MX-5

Irvine (United States), 25 October 2016

Each year meets the US tuning scene to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Car manufacturers have long since recognized the value of the huge show and arriving with own products. On the SEMA 2016 (1st to 4th November), Mazda shows, for example, two sharper versions of the MX-5.

Bedraggled Speedster

First car is the Mazda MX-5 Miata Speedster evolution. Basis for this is the MX-5 Speedster 2015 presented at SEMA. One looks in vain for a windshield. The humps behind the seats are especially striking. The evolution model for 2016 was slimmed down again by approximately 45 kilograms and so among 900 kilograms on the scale. Thus, the car is about 160 kilograms lighter than the U.S. version of the MX-5, which is offered only with the heavier, 160-Horsepower engine.

Matt makes

The second study of SEMA by Mazda is based on the hottest MX-5-novelty of the year 2016, the RF with electrically operated hardtop. The "Kuro", whose name refers to its matte black paint is available in Las Vegas. "Kuro" is the Japanese word for charcoal. To get 17-inch wheels by RAYS with 215ers tyres and a Coilover suspension.

What is cost of the MX-5 RF?

Since we were talking about coal: just in time for the recent start of production of the MX-5 RF there is in the United States already prices. There are for the "launch Edition" $33.850, called equivalent 30.250 euros. But as the little meaningful for Europe selling prices, the difference to the comparable MX-5 with a fabric roof is more interesting. It is located at approximately 2,500 euros. That would be cheaper than at the old retractable roof-MX-5, the RF at 32.790 euro would start in Germany. Beginning December 2016, when in Germany the presale starts knowing more details. (rh)