Schwabe without flaw

Stuttgart, August 5, 2014

Depending on the class armored cars offer protection against simple mugger or military-terrorist units operating. Especially people of public interest protection in traffic with the rolling vaults. Mercedes adds that special client base for over 80 years with special protection vehicles. The current Mercedes-Guard models are built on the classes E, M, S, and G. The newest member of the family is now the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard.

Car tanks

The S 600 Guard is externally indistinguishable from its production counterpart. An important property for the vehicles of this type. Inconspicuous in traffic creates safety. If something should happen, the S-Class is ready. Reinforced and overlapping steel plates were installed around the passenger compartment. The windows are made of multiple layers of glass and are against fragmentation with polycarbonate coated. The vehicle floor is also covered with a heavy metal plate. The resulting protection class VR9 is designed against gun projectiles from military weapons that fly almost twice as fast as gun projectiles. In addition, the protection class provides resistance against fragments from hand grenades and explosive devices.

Special equipment for the real thing

These complicate opaque blinds the attackers mattering the desired target people. An automatically triggered Sprinkler smothered fires and emergency fresh-air system protects the occupants against the ingress of smoke or tear gas. Standard equipment includes a Notlaufbereifung. It also makes it possible to have a danger point up to 30 kilometers, even if the tires are defective.

weight adjustments

The safety features make the already obese S-Class even more difficult. The experts at Mercedes-Guard Department therefore had to adjust suspension and engine. The V12 petrol engine developed in the S 600 Guard impressive 530 hp and 830 Newton meters of torque. His power is transmitted via a seven-speed automatic transmission. The top speed of the armored battleship was limited for safety reasons to 210 km / h. The front axle is stronger air springs and at the rear axle additional steel springs are used. In addition, the brake discs are sized significantly larger compared to the standard vehicle.

Attention, blowing

The bomb-proof S-Class with 324 300 euros and a bombastic price. This is not exactly cheap, but customers of such a vehicle would rather have a hole in the account as in the car. (ml )