Rolls-Royce: The customer is Emperor

Goodwood (UK), 3 August 2016

They say in retail like the customer is King. At Rolls-Royce, however, is the customer of Emperor: practically every wish is there from the so-called bespoke Department allows. The exclusive models of "Porto Cervo" now show what can come of it, and "Black Badge".

Much glitter on Sardinia

Porto Cervo refers to the Sardinian port town. There, Rolls Royce has unveiled two special unique of the Wraith and the dawn. Both vehicles are quite expressive touch: the Wraith has a two-tone silver paint job and an interior mix of purple, Khaki, blue and black. Rolls-Royce describes this color choice as "Setting a dawning, quiet night". The large four-seater cabriolet dawn shows off, however, with a painting of Emerald and a green (!) Leather interior, which is rounded off with teak wood. Inside, emeralds plus mother of Pearl with white gold adorn the dashboard on both vehicles.

Black thoughts

Inside, the first Rolls Royce models from the black badge program, however, wear the mink. As the name (translated: black emblem) suggests, the otherwise magnificent shiny metal on the car will be darkened here. Similarly, in the 1980s, BMW proceeded with its "Shadowline". And like the time Rolls-Royce wants to attract younger and sportier customers by means of intentional darkness.

Dark trademarks

'Black Badge' is a permanent program and includes for example a high-gloss black "Emily"-hood ornament. The double R emblem of the brand now appears in silver on black. Various surfaces such as the frame of the grille or the exhaust pipes are black chrome. Two-piece carbon alloy wheels with titanium fasteners and a special black paint round off the overall picture. All color and layers of lacquer are polished by hand, according to Rolls-Royce, the result is "the deepest, darkest and most intense Black, which was depending on a production vehicle." That you're too much towards the undertaker? Not a problem: As an alternative, any color can be selected.

More performance in the ghost

Inside looks the driver on a carbon fiber aluminum mix in the cockpit and a special watch. Its dial with infinity symbol is dedicated to the speed record holder Malcolm Campbell. A good keyword to look on the technique: The Ghost Black Badge is stronger than the normal model 612 HP to 40 HP, the torque rises to 60 now 840 nm. The eight-speed automatic transmission has been modified and changes the course later. The Wraith Black Badge retains the standard 632 HP, there's but more torque, namely 870 nm. In addition to the air suspension the automatic should approach here too more agile: who fully enters through the gas pedal, can turn from the 6.6 liter twelve-cylinder up to the 6.000er mark. Chauffeur car? Of ways! (rh)