Reservation for startup space Mercedes in formula-E

Mercedes in formula-E

Toto Wolf, Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd (MGP), and Alejandro Agag, formula E operations Ltd., signed an agreement today allows the Mercedes entering the FIA Formula E Championship as of the fifth season. Mercedes-Benz may decide to be one of the maximum 12 participants, 2018/19 proposed by the organizer of the Championship for the formula E season the FIA.

Subject to the approval of the FIA, Mercedes could fill one of the two places for new entrants so who will expand the field from the fifth season. Two cars per driver no longer - used in that year on the electric racing circuit as at present-, but only one. It will be expected that the ten currently also in the fifth season and beyond take part in the formula E of active teams - either in their current form or in conjunction with other manufacturers.

Alejandro Agag said: "the formula E is becoming an exciting mix of established manufacturers such as Renault, Citro├źn DS, Audi, Mahindra or Jaguar, as well as new futuristic brands such as Faraday future, NextEV or major component manufacturers such as Schaeffler and ZF. Mercedes would be a great extension of this growing Starter box."