Remodeled off-road vehicle classic

Hair, 7 July 2016

The Mercedes G-class is a strange car. It was built at the beginning of the 1970s, at the behest of the Persian Shah Reza Pahlavi, which at that time possessed a large Daimler share package and wanted to use the off-roader for border patrols. Since 1979 the car is made now, with several model care, but are basically unchanged. The last change came from 2012, pending the next renovation for 2017. Our photographer took now Erlkönig images of the new version.

Angular and edgy as previously, but broader

The G-model should receive the internal shortcuts W 464 of W, the still current version ran 463. Also in the new version, the car remains square and edgy as usual this will please the fans. Otherwise, he receives an about ten centimeters wider body for more comfort in the Interior. The wider body on the hood, radiator grille, windscreen and on the wider door of the luggage trunk is visible. A revised bumper is the new face of the 2017er model. In addition, bonnet and grille received a more modern design. The headlights of the now photographed prototypes are still not worth looking into, because it's only to find a provisional solution receives new G matrix-LED headlights.

Usual unusual indicator position

The indicators tell how a unique position had back on top next to the hood. The direction indicator but get a new design. The wheel cut-outs remain as angular as usual, but the wheel wells seem like the new side skirts still wuchtiger than the current model. Technically Gets the G-class under other more modern engines. Previously, there was only a V6 engine in the 350 d in addition to the V12 model G 65 and the eight-cylinder versions G 500 and G 63. The diesel comes in the future instead of 245 Horsepower at 258 HP in the e 350 d. Also a G 43 with a 367 HP strong V6 gasoline engine might be in the future that would be an additional V6. G 500 as the corresponding GLE 455 instead of 422 HP, and also for the other engines will likely apply in the future again: HP up, consumption down. Only at the prices, there will be probably no improvement. Began diesel, so far at 90.636 euros for the, and it won't be cheaper in future. (sl)