Relaxed shopping with Volvo

Gothenburg ( Sweden ), 24 November 2015

Christmas time is shopping time ?? both in the inner cities as well as online. Whether "Black Friday" or " Cyber ​​Monday ", meanwhile, is the contemplative time rather a battle of stressful shopping. The Swedish automaker Volvo, therefore, is now offering a service that is to provide a remedy ?? " Volvo In-car Delivery".

Only Sweden, the world?

These Volvo cooperates with the logistics company PostNord, the online store and the online grocer " ". Currently the service is only available for Volvo drivers in Gothenburg, but should be expanded in the future eventually with other partners only to the whole of Sweden and to other countries.

Simple principle

The service is quite simple: If you order one of the co-operating stores, one has the possibility, as a shipping option " In-car Delivery" to choose. The supplier receives this on a smartphone or tablet a digital key to the vehicle. This works only once. If the goods are finally delivered in the trunk of the car, the customer will receive a notification and can ?? For example, after office hours ?? relaxed ride completed purchases home. The saved stress increases so determined again the anticipation of the feast . ( mf )