Recaptured ticket for the one thousand miles

Stuttgart, December 1, 2015

A Fund in the most dusty depths of the Mercedes-Archive allows the Mercedes 190 SL future participation in the Mille Miglia. In the annually held in Italy vintage ride only vehicles allowed to ride, who were already at the classic road race that took place 1927-1957 here. And a 190 SL was launched in 1956 with the ambitious " 1000 miles " from Brescia to Rome and back, as Mercedes has now been found.

Many Gullwing ?? and a 190 SL

1956 were a total of 15 Mercedes cars at the start, including six works cars: three special touring cars of the type 220 ​​" Ponton " and three 300 SL " Gullwing ". Among the nine privately reported participants not only more Gullwing, but also a 190 SL were. Based on this information, which is confirmed by documents of the Museo Mille Miglia in Brescia, Mercedes has asked the Mille Miglia organizers to put the 190 SL to the list of vehicles registered.

Start by 3 clock in the morning 47

The 190 SL was reported from French Team driver Michel Bianco / Jean Loup Pellecuer. He had the starting number 347, corresponding to a start time of 3:47 clock in the morning, and came after a journey time of 16 hours, six minutes and 15 seconds space 121. The fact that the participation of the 190 SL remained largely unknown, is probably due to the fact that the vehicle is at the time referred to in the official announcements of the Automobile Club of Brescia just as Mercedes without further type designation.

105 hp from 1.9 liters capacity

The chic 190 SL ?? an open version of the " small Ponton Mercedes " W 121 ?? debuted in 1954 with the 300 SL "Gullwing " ( W 198 ) at the International Motor Sports Show in New York. SL stood for " Sport Light ", the number 190 for the engine capacity in centilitres. The car had a 1.9 - liter four-cylinder with 105 hp, the drive the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. Overall, 25,881 pieces from the 190 SL were built, around 18,000 of which went to the United States. In Germany, the elegant car cost 16,500 marks at the time.

Popular collector car

"We are pleased that there is another Mercedes-Benz vehicle for the Mille Miglia. This opens up even more fans of the brand to participate ," says Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic Customer Center and. " The 190 SL has experienced in recent years a strong updraft as a collector vehicle. " Nowadays you pay at least € 75,000 for the car. The appreciation by the Mille Miglia approval is likely that prices would continue to rise . ( sl )